Patmos: Called the Jerusalem of the Aegean, Patmos is an island of ascetic austerity Patmos is a small greek island of the Aegean seaa place with intense spiritual character .Patmo's main communities are Chora(town) and Skala,the only commercial port.

                Places to visit in Patmos.

1.Monastery of Saint John the Theologian

Also called Monastery of the St.John the Divine, is a greek Orthodox monastery founded in   1088. Unesco has declared it a Wolrd Heritage site , and it's name after St.John of Patmos.It also has an enormous library of tottaly 330 manuscripts  housed in the library (267 on parchment), 82 manuscript of the New Testament. Minuscules: 1160-1181, 1385-1389, 1899, 1901, 1966, 2001-2002, 2080-2081, 2297, 2464-2468, 2639, 2758, 2504, 2639, and lectionaries. 

2.The famous ancient Cave of Apocalypse.

This is believed to be the place where John of Patmos recieved his visions about the Apocalytpic events which he recorded in his book of Apocalypse(Revelation).In 1999 Unesco delcared the cave as a World Heritage Site.

Places and beaches to visit:
Skala– The main harbor of Patmos. There is a quay for mooring onto, but care must be taken when approaching the as there are numerous rocks and islets which are visible by day. The quay offers good provisioning from the meltemi but not from SE Winds. There is water on the quay and fuel is available. There is good provisions and several tavernas. Take a visit to the monastery but women beware to dress appropriately as no shorts or pants are allowed.
Ormos Meloyi– This bay is located NE of Skala. There is a taverna ashore. Its quite inviting for a swim.
Ormos Grikou- This bay lies 2 miles SE of Skala. There is a jetty on the north side which has depths of 2 meters. This bay is open to SE winds. There is a taverna and a bus to Skala.
Ormos Kambos– This bay is located NE of Livadhi. This bay is open to the S and SE. There is a taverna and mini market located ashore.