Tiny Skiathos is packed with pine forests, archaeological ruins, and most importantly beaches. Shed your inhibitions at the nudist Banana Beach or have a more modest sun session at Koukounaries, which is peppered with lively cafes. Sail around on a chartered catamaran, hike to the dramatic medieval ruins of Kastro and tap into your spiritual side at one of Skiathos many monasteries.



Things to do :


Skiathos horse riding school:

For any sport enthusiasts Skiathos has a Riding School which is situated in Koukanouries. It offers excursions from one hour taking you through Mandraki woods and a lovely coastal view to and hour and half with views over Koukounaries, Asselinos and Trolous taking you through the highest mountain roads. Kouk The horses are well taken care of and have all been bred there, and are very people friendly. The school caters for beginner rides to the very experienced riders and children are welcome on all rides depending on their experience. There are also pony and donkey rides for the very young.


Skiathos famous beaches:Skiathos island has some of the most impressive beaches in the Greek islands. Covered with forests of pine trees, the beaches in Skiathos have soft sand and crystal water. Most Skiathos beaches on the southern side of the island are organized with umbrellas, sunbeds and watersports centres. Skiathos beaches on the northern side are secluded and frequented by naturists. Boats can be rented to make the tour of the island. You will find below a list with the best beaches in Skiathos island.


Skiathos Nightlife:There are two principal nuclei of hip, youthful nightlife in Skiáthos Town: overlooking the old port, and to a lesser extent out along the airport road beyond the yacht marina. Also worth noting are the all-day bars behind certain beaches, particularly the one at Vromólimnos, which has been known to stage some fairly wild parties by (and in) the water.


Skiathos:The more highly regarded town tavernas cluster above the old port in the lanes around Tris Ierárhes, and along the coast road to the marina zone; midtown tends to be the province of the pizza-and-chips brigade.