Porto heli

Porto heli: Located on the eastern side of Peloponnese, Porto Heli is a small seaside town with large port. This port is a frequent mooring place for fishing boats and yachts in summer, giving to Porto Heli in Greece a cosmopolitan atmosphere. There are a couple of organized beaches in Porto Heli, but the majority are small secluded coves with relaxing atmosphere. A frequent family destination, this region gets frequented by Athenians who have holiday homes there in summer.



As this is a cosmopolitan summer destination, Porto Heli Greece has a wide variety of accommodations for all tastes and needs. Luxurious resorts with outdoor and indoor pools, gyms and spa treatments are found in close beaches. However, many traditional studios and family hotels are found at the port of Porto Heli and in Ververonda beach.


Things to see and to do:

The seaside town of Porto Heli Greece, on the eastern side of Peloponnese, in mainland Greece, is a relaxing place for family vacations. There you can find both organized and remote beaches, with soft sand and clean water. A drive around the area will lead you to beautiful natural spots, traditional villages and small chapels. Holidays in Porto Heli are very popular among families with kids, who find many things to do in the region.


Porto heli nightlife:

Porto Heli is a lovely place with cosmopolitan atmosphere. Along the portside, there are nice cafeterias that turn into lounge bars in the evening and attract many young people. These bars stay open till the early hours. Alternatively, for a more family night out, you can enjoy a long dinner in the many seaside taverns at the port. Nice bars are also found in the close town of Ermioni, 15 min drive from Porto Heli.