The modern city of Pylos is definitely one of the most attractive coast in Greece. Someone arriving at Pylos,has the impression that he is somewhere on an island.The little town is built amphitheatrically between and on-top of two hills, on the southern side of the Navarino bay;Sphacteria Island protects the bay.


Things to do and places to visit :


Nestor's Cave :On the rock where Paliokastro was built, at the southwest end of voidokilia bay, one can clearly see a cave. It is the mythical cave of Nestor, son of Neleus. This is where the royal cattle were kept. According to myth, Hermes hid the 50 cattle stolen from Apollo in this very cave. There, Heinrich Schliemann located finds which dated back to Nestor’s times, proving the early existence of life in the area. The cave is full of stalactites. In any case, it is worth one's while! Especially selective sightseers will enjoy this visit. Access to the cave is relatively easy, as the cave is located just at the foot of the castle's walls. You may climb up the sand-dune in the end of Voidokilia Beach and follow the ascending path. Up there, you will find Nestor’s cave. The view is extraordinary!


Hiking: Is on of the must do things when you visit Pylos . Extrodinary site's and points of view . Many unbeaten paths and unexplored places.Also you can horseriding and do a bike trip.