Paros, where Greece is incandescent!Paros, an island washed as white as its marble,Paros, the joy of the artist, a festival of colors and sensations,With the Church of Ekatontapyliani (a hundred gates), the Hagia Sophia of the Aegean.With a refreshing, life-giving breeze, and hospitable residents.Beautiful traditional villages and countless sandy beaches.Its cuisine swathed in local delicacies and bathed in Paros wines.Paros, the island for all ages, innumerable activities for every season.


Things to do :


Windsurfing:Try windsurfing in Santa Maria, Chryssi Akti, Tsoukalia, Kolybithres and Pounta (opposite Antiparos). Each beach has its own degree of difficulty, which varies according to the winds blowing in the area. Windsufing schools offer equipment and training.


Yachting in Paros:Paros has been a nautical force since ancient times. The Yacht Club of Paros was founded by a group of people with a vision and love for the sea and the island. The Club has been in operation since 1992. It is a registered and active member of the Hellenic Sailing Federation and the Hellenic Swimming Federation.


Cycling and Paros :It's no exaggeration to say that the island of Paros offers ideal conditions for cycling enthusiasts. And when we say "ideal conditions", we mean for the fans of all kinds of bicycles and cycling.Mountain and off road devotees should opt for a mountain bike and follow some of the hiking trails and dirt roads located inland, from Lefkes to Lagada, the monastery of Agion Theodoron and Aspro Chorio, or Christou of Dasous and Kamari. Necessary equipment (apart from the trusty bicycle) includes a bike helmet (full face is best, at least for those wishing to gather speed on downhill slopes) and bike uniform with elbow, shoulder and kneepads (also for speed adventurers). Drinking water is crucial, even in winter, so be sure to bring enough with you. You will also need tools and a repair kit, as the terrain is rocky and rugged. Don't forget food for yourself and your group, as a picnic among the trees and running water is a pleasant stop in the mountains of Paros.

Sailing:Paros is a depot in the Cyclades. With many mooring and anchoring options, Paros is very enticing for sailors. Its small sheltered coves and islets are safe havens. Centrally located, Paros is a springboard for the Cyclades Islands. Therefore, with Paros as their base, visitors can "attack" neighboring destinations and delight in the beaches accessible only by sea. They can equip their boat with provisions and fuel or cast anchor during the northeast summer winds, guaranteed to be amused by island excursions and adventures.


Scuba Diving:The sea is full of surprises such as underwater caves with stalactites , amazing places with another life unfurl before your eyes: impressive, peaceful and gorgeous .The main scuba diving destinations include the reefs at Prasonisi and Dryonisi in Pyrgaki Bay, as well as the underwater gorge in Akro Makronisi and the Beaufighter and Marianna wrecks. Discover a new world under the sea! The Beaufighter was a British World War II bomber that was shot down. It is still in very good condition and is an unforgettable dive. The Marianna is a commercial vessel that sank in 1981 after hitting a reef, and is a memorable experience for visitors. Fortunately, there were no casualties in either wreck.