Corfu the Emerald ilse , is the second largest  ionian island. It took the name "Emerald isle" from the variety wild flowers, olive grove and the cypress trees. Corfu has always been centre of dinstiction and cosmopolitanism, it's museums are studied with irreplaceble books and artifacts.

Explore Corfu's unique museums and libraries.

1.Archaeological Museum:

Some of it's most famous exhibit are the Gorgon pediment from the Temple of Artemis,the lion of Menecrates and the pediment of Dionysus(Bacchus).

2.Corfu's public library which is located in corfu's old English Barracks(palaio frourio).

3.The Banknote museum.

4.The Byzantine museum of Antivouniotissa.

Tourism in Corfu:

The 200k coast
Corfu has more than 200 kilometres of coastline to its name, so beaches are easy to come by. The best-know beach resorts top and tail the island. You’ll find Sidari and Roda on the north coast and Kavos on the southern tip. Gouvia, Corfu Town and San Stefanos sit comfortably in between.

Things to do :

1.Fell the Greek hospitality at one of the best five star hotels in Corfu , or rent one of the most famous Villas of corfu and spend the greatest time of your summer, swimming on the pool while gazing at the breathtaking view of the emerald cliffs.

2.Rent a Yacht! Corfu is famous for it's untrodden and unexplored beaches, so you can see them all with a yacht and have the most relaxing and delightfull time of your summer .Also experience the best services possible , like on-board wifi and brand new dinghies.

3.Corfu by night.A variety of bars, nightclubs, and cafes are at the traveler's disposal.Begin  at the Old Fort, This is where  are the most  famous bars  that offers drinks with a romantic moonlit sea view. Then you can taste the most famous of the greek cuisine at one the many great restaurants , some places you can look for them are Gouvia , Kavos, Corfu town and many other.

4.For those who like to Gamble . There is a  cassino that is well-knowed all over the world at the Corfu Holiday Palace a few miles outside the town.Open nightly.