Rhodes the island of knights,attracting more than 450.000 holidaymakers every year.The island is one of the most visited in greece.Rhodes is the proud parent of a big family of beaches. . 

Things to do:

1.Rhodes Resorts.
Rhodes is  best-known  for stretches of sand slither down the island’s east coast, monopolising more than 80 kilometres of seaside. Resorts like Faliraki and Kolymbia occupy the northern part of this coast, while Lindos appears around half-way down .Whitewashed houses, ambling donkeys and car-free cobbled streets are the order of the day at Lindos, on the east coast of Rhodes .

2.Magnificent Beaches in Rhodes
One of the best things about east-coast Kolymbia, midway between lively Faliraki and ancient Lindos, is that it’s managed to remain a secret for so long. Even in the height of summer, there’s space to spread out along the Blue Flag beach .The Old Town of Rhodes, is the oldest inhabited medieval town in Europe. It's a thrill to behold.

3.Casino of Rhodes.
There’s a casino in Rhodes Town too if you fancy a little flutter and want to try your hand at roulette or blackjack!

4.Nightlife and Traditional ways to spend time in Rhodes!

Best to know one thing from the start about Old Town of Rhodes.Rhodes’ nightlife is famously vibrant, with a smorgasbord of bars, pubs and clubs around Rhodes Town,Faliraki and Trianta . There must be some 100 nightclubs on Rhodes so you're sure to find one to your liking  . The harbour is lined with bars and tavernas.New Town has a particularly generous selection of clubs and discos as well as the traditional bouzouki - Greek music venues.